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    2 Ilorin - Ajasse-Ipo Rd, Oko Erin, Ilorin, NG

  • Princess Luxury Hotels

    Princess Luxury Hotels

    31 Pipe Line Road, Ilorin, NG

  • Princess Luxury Hotels

    Princess Luxury Hotels

    Plot 31 Pipe Line Road, Tanke Princess Luxury Hotels and Tourism, Ilorin, NG

  • Golden Sands Luxury Resorts

    Golden Sands Luxury Resorts

    , Ilorin Golden Sands Luxury Resorts, Ilorin, NG

  • Kingstone Grand Suites

    Kingstone Grand Suites

    , Gra Kingstone Consultancy, Ilorin, NG

  • Ilorin Airport Hotel

    Ilorin Airport Hotel

    Airport Rd, Gbagba Ilorin Airport Hotel & Suites, Ilorin, NG

  • De-Compact hotel & suite

    De-Compact hotel & suite

    5 Flower Garden Rd, Oko Erin, Ilorin, NG

  • Bovina View Hotel

    Bovina View Hotel

    9A Ahmadu Bello Way, Ilorin Bovina View Limited, Ilorin, NG



    6 Trinity School Road, Oko Erin, Ilorin, NG

  • Monarchs Luxury Palace Hotel

    Monarchs Luxury Palace Hotel

    Sapati Lle Rd, Junction Monarchs Luxury Palace Hotel, Ilorin, NG

  • Davos Luxury Suites

    Davos Luxury Suites

    , Ilorin 13 Onikanga, Ilorin, NG

  • Henry George Hotel

    Henry George Hotel

    Adewole Rd, Oko Erin Henry George Hotels Ltd, Ilorin, NG

  • Whitefield Hotels

    Whitefield Hotels

    Off Western Reservoir Rd, Ilorin Whitefield Hotels Limited, Ilorin, NG

  • Tomats Inn and Suites

    Tomats Inn and Suites

    Nupe Street, Oko Erin Tomats Inn & Suites, Ilorin, NG

  • Noktel Resort Hotel

    Noktel Resort Hotel

    , Ilorin Noktel Resort Hotel, Ilorin, NG

  • Royal Rock Hotel and Event Centre

    Royal Rock Hotel and Event Centre

    Gaa Odota Rd, Ilorin Royal Rock Hotel and Event Centre, Ilorin, NG

  • Monarch luxury palace hotel

    Monarch luxury palace hotel

    Sapati Lle Rd, Junction Monarchs Luxury Palace Hotel, Ilorin, NG

  • Covenant Suites

    Covenant Suites

    Ahmadu Bello Way, Oko Erin Covenant Suites Covenant Suites, Ilorin, NG

  • Crystal House International Hotel

    Crystal House International Hotel

    28 Sulu Gambari Rd, Ilorin Crystal House International Hotel, Ilorin, NG

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