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  • Villa Dalam laut 530

    Villa Dalam laut 530

    Jalan Kuala Muda, Pantai Cenang, MY

  • Hujung Kampung Resort

    Mukim kedawang Langkawi, Pantai Cenang, MY

  • La Pari-Pari

    2273, Jalan Teluk Baru, Kampung Tasek Anak, Pantai Cenang, MY

  • Seven Stones Langkawi

    NO. 2 Lot 984, Kampung Padang Puteh Kedawang 07000 Langkawi Kedah, Pantai Cenang, MY

  • OYO 90561 Awan Biru Motel

    LOT 935, 154, KAMPUNG BOHOR TEMPOYAK, MUKIM KEDAWANG , 07000 LANGKAWI, KEDAH Awan Biru Motel, Pantai Cenang, MY

  • Perintis Motel Cenang

    Perintis Motel Cenang


  • Amzar Motel Cenang

    Amzar Motel Cenang

    lot1659, Pantai Cenang mukim Kedawang, Pantai Cenang, MY

  • Grand Village Inn

    Grand Village Inn

    Kampung Bohor Tempoyak Mukin Kedawang, Pantai Cenang, MY

  • Lagenda Resthouse

    Lagenda Resthouse

    2591, Jalan Pantai Cenang Kampung Tanjung Mali, Kedawang, Pantai Cenang, MY

  • Bonda Room Stay Langkawi

    Jalan Pantai Tengah NO 373, KAMPUNG PADANG PUTEH, MUKIM KEDAWANG, Pantai Cenang, MY

  • Cenang Rooms With Pool by Virgo Star Resort

    Lot 12/40 , Kampung Tasek Anak , Jalan Teluk Baru. Virgo Star Resort, Pantai Cenang, MY

  • Cinta Guesthouse Langkawi

    Cinta Guesthouse Langkawi

    MBO8, Kg Padang Puteh, Kedawang,, Pantai Cenang, MY

  • D’ Village Cottage

    511, Restoran, Jalan Pantai Cenang KG TG Mali, Kedawang, Pantai Cenang, MY

  • Grand Lodge Langkawi

    Lot 410, Kuala Muda, Mukim Padang Matsirat, Langkawi, Kedah, Pantai Cenang, MY

  • Hanaz Roomstay

    Hanaz Roomstay

    No 13, Kg Lubuk Buaya, Jalan Pantai Cenang No 13, Kg Lubuk Buaya, Jalan Pantai Cenang, Pantai Cenang, MY

  • Ku's Roomstay

    No. 1, Kampung Bubor, Temonyong, Mukim Kedawang,, Pantai Cenang, MY

  • Little Chenang Cottage Motel Langkawi

    No.82 Kampung Tanjung Mali, Jalan Pantai Chenang, Pantai Cenang, MY

  • Mazza Nur Motel

    Jalan Pantai Tengah Kampung Padang Puteh, Jalan Pantai Tengah, Pantai Cenang, Pantai Cenang, MY

  • The Red Warriors Resort Langkawi

    The Red Warriors Resort Langkawi

    7 Jalan Bohor Tempoyak, Pantai Cenang, MY

  • The Kasbah Langkawi

    Lorong HJ Salleh, Kampung Bohor Tempoyak Mukim Kedawang, Pantai Cenang, MY

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