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  • Galei Kinneret Hotel

    Galei Kinneret Hotel

    1 Eliezer Kaplan Street, Teverya, IL

  • Leonardo Plaza Hotel Tiberias

    Leonardo Plaza Hotel Tiberias

    1 Habanim Street, Teverya, IL

  • Gomeh by Isrotel Design

    Gomeh by Isrotel Design

    Hotels Road, Migdal Shore 1, Teverya, IL

  • Caesar Premier Tiberias Hotel

    Caesar Premier Tiberias Hotel

    103 Hatayelet Street, Teverya, IL

  • Golan Hotel

    Golan Hotel

    61 Echad Ha'am Street, Teverya, IL

  • Leonardo Hotel Tiberias

    Leonardo Hotel Tiberias

    17 Gdud Barak Rd.P.O.B175, Teverya, IL

  • Ein Gev Holiday Resort

    Ein Gev Holiday Resort

    Kibbutz Ein Gev, Teverya, IL

  • Prima Galil Tiberias Hotel

    Prima Galil Tiberias Hotel

    1 El Hadif Street, Teverya, IL

  • Astoria Galilee Hotel

    Astoria Galilee Hotel

    13 Bruriah St., Teverya, IL

  • Shirat Hayam Hotel

    Shirat Hayam Hotel

    Hayarden St.1 Igal Alon Promenade, Teverya, IL

  • Ohalo Manor Hotel

    Ohalo Manor Hotel

    Kibbutz Kinneret, Teverya, IL

  • Beautiful Lake View Wooden House

    Beautiful Lake View Wooden House

    Simtat Hanevi'im 24, Teverya, IL

  • Magdala Hotel

    Magdala Hotel

    Migdal Junction, P.O. Box 366, 1495000 Migdal, Israel, Teverya, IL

  • Lago Hotel

    Lago Hotel

    6 Yokhanan Ben Zakai St. Corner Of Yarden St., Teverya, IL

  • Selina Kinneret

    Selina Kinneret

    מגדל Rgj8+gm Migdal, Teverya, IL

  • Restal Hotel

    Restal Hotel

    Yehuda Ha'levi Street, Teverya, IL

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